Mōd provided transportation planning support to Orion Planning + Design for the New Albany Next Plan. Services provided include inventory of existing sidewalks and bicycle facilities, analysis of traffic patterns, field review of existing conditions, and planning charrette support, resulting in a comprehensive network plan for new sidewalks, greenways, bike lanes, new street connections, and blueway access points, and revisions to City transportation standards.


New Albany, MS

This project included a master plan for greenways, bike lanes and routes, and safe pedestrian crossings to support walking and biking throughout the city for users of all ages and abilities.  As senior engineer and planner with Gresham Smith, Bert directed this effort including phase 2 implementation elements such as unpaved trail layout, greenway schematic design, and regional bike route designation.


Pigeon Forge, TN Greenway/Bikeway Master Plan, Phases 1&2

An important aspect of the Jackson County Bike and Pedestrian Path Study was the drafting of engineering standard drawings for pedestrian and bicycle facilities, and the creation of schematic designs for prototype bike facilities in the County.  Bert led these efforts as senior engineer and planner at Gresham Smith, partnered with Alta Planning + Design.


Jackson County, MS

As part of an airport expansion project, Jennifer, working with Fuss & O'Neill, performed transportation analysis of 10 streets and 11 intersections to determine traffic volume and level of service, traffic controls, and ped/bike/transit accommodation.  She also supported the project with GIS mapping for land-use, zoning, wetlands, and geologic/soils conditions. 


Windsor Locks, CT 

This 2-mile-long neighborhood greenway was constructed along a WPA creek through the heart of the St. Elmo neighborhood by repurposing alleys, revamping intersections, and changing traffic control striping and signage.  After concepts were developed through a Think Bike Workshop conducted by the Dutch Cycling Embassy, Bert directed the engineering plan design by Alta Planning + Design, and administered public outreach and construction.


Chattanooga, TN Virginia Avenue Neighborhood Greenway

Through her work with Fuss & O'Neill, Jennifer conducted a mixed-use shared parking analysis to determine required spaces and potential parking reduction utilizing ITE trip generation numbers, ULI shared parking guidance and census data support.


Stamford, CT 

Serving on a multidisciplinary design team for Gresham Smith, Bert was responsible for leading the public involvement effort and developing the transportation schematic plans complementing urban design concepts to retrofit an existing suburban corridor.


Chattanooga, TN 

Jennifer developed maps and brochures of green initiatives in Shelby County for use in TIGER grant application and local marketing efforts.  With Fuss & O'Neill she coordinated with the City transportation department and local non-profit agencies to create custom GIS-based maps and lead the production of final deliverables.


Memphis, TN TIGER Grant 

Mōd is working on a team led by Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative to create a plan and vision for the Town of Middlebury to enhance and expand its town center. Mōd is providing pedestrian and bicycle master planning to better connect the downtown to surrounding neighborhoods, schools, and natural trail system, and propose new street and intersection configurations to promote traffic calming and enhance the walking and biking experience in and around downtown.


Middlebury, VT

The goal of the North Avenue Complete Street project is to transform the collector road into an urban street that safely serves all modes of transportation and creates an inviting public space in a residential and neighborhood commercial context.  Bert led this conceptual design effort as senior engineer and planner with Gresham Smith in partnership with McAfee3 Architects.


Atlanta, GA North Avenue Complete Street Project

In the work to support transportation aspects of a new Unified Development Ordinance and creation of a Street Design Manual for the City of Raleigh, Jennifer, working with Fuss & O'Neil, defined the range of new street typologies with cross-sections, dimensions, and complementary components, and outlined parking guidelines for automobiles and bicycles, and block size and access requirements. She authored multiple chapters of the street manual.


Raleigh, NC  Street Design Manual

As City Transportation Engineer, Bert spearheaded the City’s complete streets implementation plan which included drafting a complete streets ordinance that was adopted by City Council, drafting new design standards, and developing a bicycle implementation plan and pedestrian action plan. 


Chattanooga, TN

This corridor study analyzed a seven-mile stretch of Main Street (a state highway) to optimize the route to support a new town center development plan while accommodating multiple travel modes.  Jennifer, as lead planner for the project with Fuss & O'Neill, performed GIS basemapping, provided charrette support, and analyzed and presented  multiple project build-out scenarios.


Simsbury, CT 

Bert led the efforts to establish the program for city projects in multiple TIP (Transportation Improvement Plan) and RTP (Regional Transportation Plan) efforts for the Cities of Chattanooga and Hattiesburg. This work included master planning, conceptual design and estimating for new street connection, sidewalk, bicycle facility, greenway and bridge replacement projects. He also served as the manager for the annual capital budgeting process for the departments.


Hattiesburg, MS and Chattanooga, TN

As part of the master plan and form-based code creation for Midtown Hattiesburg led by Cooper Consulting Co. and Code Studio, Bert analyzed the proposed development plan for adherence to LEED for Neighborhood Development criteria, such as street connectivity, development density, retail and public facility availability, access to transit and multimodal facilities, low-impact stormwater treatment, and other measures.  He led the TIGER grant application effort for transportation and other infrastructure improvements in the district.


Hattiesburg, MS Midtown

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