We focus on understanding how transportation patterns in communities are either helping or hurting the local economy, and contributing to or taking away from the quality of life and place.  A balanced transportation network is a means of commerce and community life.  We deliver practical plans that enable immediate improvements and provide long-term guidance.

In Situ Research 

We take the time to walk and bike the streets, observe the intersections, and take note of movement patterns and their effect on the built environment.  Every community has its own particular strengths and challenges.

Data Analysis

Transportation service level and demand from land use are staple transportation analyses we perform.  We also pay close attention to safety, level of stress, and vulnerable population analysis, and integrate closely with land planning and health and economic impact analysis.

Slow Consulting

Meaningful conversation takes time but is imperative to understanding the local condition.  Slow consulting enables fast progress since time is taken on the front end to get to the heart of the local issues through one-on-one conversations, group meetings, and interactive

online input.

Bert Kuyrkendall, PE, AICP

Engineer and Planner

Bert has over 25 years of experience in the field of transportation planning and design and is a certified planner, a licensed engineer, and is CNU accredited. He served as City Engineer for Hattiesburg, Mississippi and City Transportation Engineer for Chattanooga, Tennessee, and multiple years as a consultant to neighborhoods, towns/cities and counties.

Jennifer holds dual Master’s Degrees in Urban Planning and in Civil Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.  Her experience includes comprehensive transportation plans, studies related to Complete Streets design, travel behavior, multimodal accessibility, congestion pricing, travel demand management, parking supply and management, and traffic impact analysis.

Engineer and Planner

Jennifer Nelson, PE, AICP